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Beetrix Ladies Pyjamas by Cyberjammies

Beetrix Ladies Pyjamas by Cyberjammies£45.00   £25.00

A great set by Cyberjammies which can easily be worn as pyjamas or loungewear

Nora Rose Stripe Pyjamas by Cyberjammies

Nora Rose Stripe Pyjamas by Cyberjammies£45.00   £36.00

Stylish Cyberjammies pyjamas which are also great worn as loungewear

Essentials With Satin Calvin Klein Pyjamas

Essentials With Satin Calvin Klein Pyjamas£65.00   £50.00

One of our favourite luxury nightwear items this season from designer brand Calvin Klein

Eclipse Calvin Klein Pyjamas

Eclipse Calvin Klein Pyjamas£68.00   £40.00

These designer pyjamas are perfect for those lazy days around the home

Papaya Loungewear Set by Papinelle

Papaya Loungewear Set by Papinelle£75.00   £40.00

Don't miss out on the great saving off this stylish ladies loungewear!

Stars Pyjamas by Papinelle

Stars Pyjamas by Papinelle£85.00   £60.00

Looking for a gift? These luxury pyjamas gift wrapped would be perfect!

Esprit Dots Satin Pyjama Bottoms

Esprit Dots Satin Pyjama Bottoms£25.00   £10.00

Yes, 60% off these stylish satin pyjama bottoms. Only a few left!

Calvin Klein Icon Women's Pyjamas

Calvin Klein Icon Women's Pyjamas£79.00   £50.00

Last few remaining! Don't miss out on these stlish Calvin Klein pyjamas!

Calvin Klein Ivory Loungewear Womens Pyjamas

Calvin Klein Ivory Loungewear Womens Pyjamas£64.00   £40.00

Save over 20% on these stylish Calvin Klein pyjamas

Calvin Klein Pyjamas in a Bag

Calvin Klein Pyjamas in a Bag£60.00   £45.00

These 'pyjamas in a bag' by Calvin Klein make the perfect nightwear gift!

Coba Luxury Pyjamas

Coba Luxury Pyjamas£120.00   £95.00

These exclusive luxury pyjamas by French nightwear designer Le Monde D'alba are hand painted!

Cyberjammies Balancing Act Pyjama Bottoms

Cyberjammies Balancing Act Pyjama Bottoms£22.00   £10.00

Save over 50% on these limited stock pyjama bottoms by Cyberjammies!

Diamond Ebony Loungewear Set

Diamond Ebony Loungewear Set£40.00   £15.00

Huge saving of over 50% on these great loungewear style ladies pyjamas! Hurry, limited stock!

DKNY Urban Strokes Fleece Hooded Onesie

DKNY Urban Strokes Fleece Hooded Onesie£60.00

Just one 'onesie' left! Don't miss out on these stylish DKNY all in one pyjamas.

Knitted Diamond Ebony Loungewear Set

Knitted Diamond Ebony Loungewear Set£50.00   £20.00

With nearly 60% off this stylish loungewear set - just a few remain. Don't miss out!

Esprit Teddy Kimono Dressing Gown

Esprit Teddy Kimono Dressing Gown£50.00   £25.00

A cosy ladies dressing gown which is great for those lazy days at home.

Esprit Vanilla Womens Ribbed Pyjamas

Esprit Vanilla Womens Ribbed Pyjamas£30.00   £15.00

These pretty ribbed cotton pyjamas make a great gift. Why not match it with the teddy dressing gown to make it the perfect loungewear outfit.

Lepel Francesca Ladies Loungewear Pyjamas

Lepel Francesca Ladies Loungewear Pyjamas£65.00   £25.00

Just a few remain of this elegant loungewear style pyjama set.

Lepel Tara Trapeze Loungewear Set

Lepel Tara Trapeze Loungewear Set£50.00   £25.00

Just a few remain of this loungewear set at this bargain price

Bodas Camisole Shadow Stripe Cotton Pyjamas

Bodas Camisole Shadow Stripe Cotton Pyjamas£58.00

A rather cute camisole top and three quarter length bottoms, make this a best seller.


Page 1 of 1:    26 Items 

Ladies Loungewear at Idlewild London

Lounge around in style and comfort with Idlewild's range of designer loungewear. From top brands such as Calvin Klein, Esprit & DKNY. We also stock all in one onesie Pyjamas as part of our loungewear selection.

We all know there’s nothing better than relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday morning in your favourite stylish-but-comfortable loungewear! We’ve sourced the globe to bring you a selection of designer loungewear that combines style, comfort and quality, from leading brands such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, Cyberjammies, Bodas and Esprit. We all love those lazy duvet days and there really isn't anything better than slipping in to something easy, relaxed and comfortable. And, this is where we come in!

We know how important your precious moments of relaxation time are, so if we can do our bit to make that time that little bit more pleasurable we certainly will. Every item in our collection is hand-picked for its premium quality and absolutely comfort – in fact, many of the pieces are so comfortable they double up as pyjamas too. You choose whether it is sleepwear or not. The choice really is vast; choose from a set in luxury silky soft modal, cosy flannel pyjama pants matched with a comfy vest top or perhaps a gorgeous cosy and soft onesie pyjama. You choose!

Shopping with us couldn’t be easier. Just buy online today and your designer loungewear will be in your hands in as little as 48 hours, just in time for that laid back Sunday morning (or any day in fact!).